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Hank Sauce Herb-Infused Hot Sauce - Versatile Hot Pepper Sauce with Fresh Basil, Garlic & Aged Peppers - Hot Garlic Sauce with Mild Heat & Original Flavor - Multipurpose Gourmet Sauce - 8 Ounces

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About this item

  • REIMAGINING THE HOT SAUCE: Hank Sauce has reimagined the very idea of a hot sauce with this range of signature gourmet sauces; Hot sauces with creative combinations, bold flavors & premium ingredients
  • HOT SAUCES YOU CAN ACTUALLY ENJOY: A hot sauce doesn’t have to be mindlessly & tongue-numbingly hot; Hot Sauces from Hank Sauce strike a perfect balance between mild, enjoyable heat & an array of lip-smacking flavors
  • THE REAL OG: Our Herb-Infused Hot Sauce has all it takes to become a real hot sauce bigwig with a flavor profile that just doesn’t exist anywhere else; The original hot pepper sauce you can finally replace boring ketchups with
  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Every hot sauce flavor from Hank Sauce uses a carefully developed base that features the raw zing of garlic & the nuanced heat of aged peppers, held together by our selection of secret spices & herbs
  • GOES WELL WITH EVERYTHING: This Herb-Infused Hot Sauce goes delectably well with all foods & recipes, from boring salads to bland veggies; Click ‘Add to Cart’ to order an 8-oz jar today