Collection: 🎖🎖🪖 GRENADE GENERAL HOT SAUCE —-🪖🎖🎖

🇺🇸🇺🇸The General says “Explode with Flavor and Heat, Make sure you  Eat your Wheaties” 
Proudly Made In The United States of America 🇺🇸🇺🇸

We will not cut corners to be the cheapest.

We'd much rather focus on making a hot sauce that is 86% aged American-grown peppers.🌶🌶
If you're looking for cheaply made, cheaply priced products that are loaded with chemicals or cheap filler ingredients (like extracts, xanthan gum, or even water), we are definitely the wrong company for you.👎
But if you care about authentic, all-natural products made by an organization that is committed to goals that extend far beyond just maximizing profits, then check out our flavors.



Produce the highest quality American-grown, all-natural hot sauce possible. Our hot sauce contains 86% actual peppers, while the industry standard is only 20%. A lot of what we do is manual, old-school work. It's decidedly inefficient, but it's worth it.



Support the American farmer by growing all our peppers in the U.S. We think you should be able to trace every pepper back to the acre of land where it was grown, and we can do just that.

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